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Italian National Research Council (CNR) - Institute for Marine Science (ISMAR) - Venice Research Section: Marine and Coastal Systems
Istituto di Scienze Marine - Venezia (CNR-ISMAR)
San Polo 1364
Palazzo Papadopoli
30125 Venezia
Research Organisation
In response to the increasing worldwide concern for the survival of Venice after the dramatic and widely publicized flooding of November 1966, the National Council Research, CNR, established the Institute for the Study of the Dynamics of Large Masses (ISDGM) created first as a laboratory, in 1969.
The institute actually pertains to the National Committee on Environmental Sciences, though its activity is multidisciplinary. Since its very inception the purposes were multiple from basic research in oceanography and geology to applied research.
Current staff is composed of 38 scientists, 24 technicians and 5 clerical personnel. In 2002, ISDGM was merged with 6 other CNR institutes to establish the Institute for Marine Science (ISMAR) with headquarters in Venice.

The thematic areas of CNR-ISMAR are the following:

  • Processes of land subsidence, sea level changes, salt water intrusion as potential triggering mechanisms of geological hazard in coastal areas;
  • Sedimentary and stratigraphy of Late Pleistocene and Holocene deposits;
  • Formation and alteration of continental margins, in connection with climatic variations;
  • Survey of the origins of Italian seas and oceanic basins in connection with seismic and volcanic risks;
  • Physical, biophysical and ecological processes related to oceanic fluxes with impact on climatic changes;
  • Mechanisms regulating the biogeochemical cycles involved in ocean circulation;
  • Biology of fish species, marine ecology, interactions between environment and fishing, improvement of mariculture and aquaculture.

Dott. Luigi Tosi
+39 041 5216 827
+39 041 2602340