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Ernst Basler + Partner Ltd.
Zollikerstrasse 65
CH - 8702 Zollikon
Ernst Basler + Partners Ltd. is an independent engineering, planning and consulting company, with a successful track record in Switzerland and abroad going back to 1963. Since 1985, the company Fietz AG has added to EBP service offering in the field of civil engineering. In 1992, EBP founded the subsidiary Ernst Basler + Partner GmbH with its headquarters in Potsdam, Germany.

Around 20 EBP employees work in the "Information Technology" at Zollikon, in particular in the fields of:

  • Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing;
  • IT Concepts and Software Development

EBP teams of IT specialists and natural scientists focus on IT solutions in the field of geomatics. In many projects, the Internet component is becoming increasingly important.
Dr. Ivo Leiss, Head of Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
+41 (0)1 395 11 11
+41 (0)1 395 12 34