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Royal Museum for Central Africa - Section of Cartography and Remote Sensing
Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren
Research Organisation
The RMCA "Department of Geology and Mineralogy" acts as an information and research centre for the study of geological processes in Africa and their influence on society and to distribute information about the physical environment and natural resources of Central Africa. The Department’s objectives are realised in partnership with African researchers and institutions.

Its "Cartography and Photo Interpretation" section is active on the following fields:

  • Theme-based cartography and natural resources
    Use of geological information in imagery. Creation via geographical information systems (GIS-SIG) of theme-based maps (geology, geography, etc.) derived from remote sensing. Design of algorithms to optimise sensing.
  • Geohazards
    Study of the movements of the earth (erosion, landslides, subsidence, active faults, volcanoes) and of their effects on society in terms of risk. Impact of geological phenomena on the environment and urban geology.
  • Knowledge of materials
    Spectroradiometric properties of geological materials and artefacts.
Johan LAVREAU, Head of Section Cartography and Photo Interpretation
Department of Geology and Mineralogy
+32 (0)2-769.5455
+32 (0)2-769.5432