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National Observatory of Athens, Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing
Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing, National Observatory of Athens
Metaxa & Vas. Pavlou, Palea Penteli,
Research Organisation
The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) was founded in 1842 and is the oldest research institution in Greece. NOA is a national organization operating under public law rules and procedures and is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology of the Ministry of Development.

The Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing (ISARS/NOA) is a research institute with high scientific capabilities and in-house expertise and know-how in multidisciplinary space and environmental sciences. The members of all Research groups have broad expertise spanning from Space Science to Earth Observation techniques and applications. They are participating in a number of space- or EO-related projects as PIs, Co-Is or guest-investigators and have experience in data analysis from space-borne and ground-based instruments, theoretical development and elaboration of tools and techniques. They collaborate with other research groups in Europe and USA, and have been internationally recognized through editorship in scientific journals, invited talks at international conferences, invited review papers in top journals, high rate of citations and coordination of EU-funded research projects.

Dr. Ioannis A. Daglis
+30 210 109185
+30 210 6138343