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Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Ringlaan-3-Avenue Circulaire
B-1180 Brussels
Research Organisation
The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy is the youngest Belgian scientific institution.

Created in 1964, its main tasks are public service and research in the field of the space aeronomy, i.e. tasks that require data knowledge, gathered using ground-based, balloon, rockets and satellites observations within the framework of physics and chemistry of the atmosphere and outer space.

That implies the following specific tasks:

  • to collect and place at the disposal of interested parties information on the terrestrial space environment;
  • to develop experimental programs and theories which explain the observations;
  • to implement calculations, measurements and observations allowing control and extension of the existing knowledge.

The activities of the BIRA/IASB offer the national community access to advanced knowledge resulting from the application of space investigation methods. The implementation and diffusion of these methods allow scientists and engineers to get introduced into this technical field of research, which is continuously developing. They also provide to industry 'first hand' information on advanced technologies such that technical progress can be established. Finally they contribute to the Belgian reputation abroad. The scientific papers of the institute are published in specialised international reviews. However, several investigations are also presented in the AERONOMICA ACTA, a journal published by our institute.
Martine De Maziere / Mr. Jos van Geffen
+32 (0)2-373.03.63
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