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National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
United Kingdom
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
University of Southampton
Waterfront Campus
European Way
Southampton SO14 3ZH
United Kingdom
Research Organisation

The National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (formerly Southampton Oceanography Centre), is a collaborative Centre owned by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the University of Southampton. NOCS is based at a purpose-built waterside campus in Southampton, and is home to some 520 research scientists, lecturing support and seagoing staff as well over 700 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

NOCS is the national focus for oceanography in the UK with a remit to achieve scientific excellence in its own right as one of the world's top five oceanographic research institutions. NOCS delivers a diverse mission, which ranges from managing the national research vessel fleet and other major facilities, to programmes of strategic research for NERC, and academic research and education in ocean and earth sciences in support of the University's mission.

NOCS activities also encompass major ocean technology development, long-term observations, managing international science programmes, promoting enterprise and knowledge transfer, providing advice to Government, business and charities, and the engagement between science and society. Moreover, the Centre is also specifically charged with working with the wider science community to provide strategic leadership, coordination and facilitation for the whole of the UK marine and related earth sciences.

Helen Snaith
Project Manager