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Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Limited
United Kingdom
Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Limited (SatOC)
49 Seal Road
United Kingdom

Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Limited (SatOC) was founded in 2008 by Dr David Cotton and Dr Ellis Ash, both with over 12 years experience of consultancy and applied research in satellite oceanography.

Our mission is to develop and promote practical applications of satellite oceanography by working with industry, the research community and commercial and institutional end users. Our principal expertise is on the data and information available from satellite microwave sensors that give measurements of ocean winds, waves and currents. We also have close association with specialists on satellite optical, infrared and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery from which information on sea surface temperature, water quality parameters and other oceanographic features can be obtained. This gives us a full understanding of all techniques and applications of satellite oceanography, or marine earth observation (EO) as it is also known. We recognise that pure satellite-based solutions rarely provide the complete answer to user problems and requirements, and therefore promote an integrated approach. This is often a combination of satellite data, local measurements and numerical models. Our services include: data processing, integration and dissemination; project definition, proposal preparation and project management; user federation, requirements surveys and analysis; bespoke studies, presentations and report writing. Read more in Services and expertise. We have a pedigree of managing and participating in collaborative European research and development programmes. Read more in Projects and project management. Quality control of data is a prime concern of ours and we have previously worked on calibration and validation contracts for satellite data providers. Read more on this and satellite data sources in Data information and resources.

Ellis Ash
Project Manager