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French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea - Ocean Research Division - Laboratory of Oceanography from Space (DRO)
Technopole de Brest-Iroise
BP 70
The Ifremer's missions can be synthetised along the following objectives:
  • Ensure better knowledge, assessment, value enhancement and streamlining in the exploitation of marine resources
  • Improve knowledge and means to protect and restore the marine environment
  • Enhance the socio-economic development of the maritime world
  • Provide assistance to the government, public authorities and organisations concerned with scientific, technical or economic research
  • Create and manage facilities of national interest (fleet)
  • Gather, disseminate and enhance national and international oceanographic information
  • Contribute to implementing of agreements and conventions for international cooperation in the marine field
The Fields of activity of the laboratory include:
  • coastal environment management
  • marine living resource management
  • ocean research
  • engineering and marine technology
  • managing ocean research vessels and tools for
  • underwater intervention
The "Ocean Research Division (DRO)" contributes through its research programs to understanding ocean circulation, which plays a major role in relations between the ocean and the climate, as well as to knowledge and exploration of the ocean floor.

The DRO is made up of 4 departments :

  • Marine Geosciences (DRO/GM)
  • Ocean Physics Laboratory (DRO/LPO)
  • Deep sea Environment (DRO/EP)
  • Oceanography from Space Department (DRO/OS)