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Italian National Research Council (CNR) - Institute of Research on Hydrogeological Hazards in Southern Italy and Islands
Via Cavour 4-6
87030 - Roges di Rende (CS)
Research Organisation
The C.N.R.-I.R.P.I. (Institute of Research on Geologic-Hydraulic Hazards in Southern Italy and Islands) was established in 1970 and is operative since 1971.
The research activity at IRPI deals mostly with geologic-hydraulic hazards and the relevant basic disciplines.

Research methods are based upon traditional techniques (such as field works, geophysical investigations, geotechnical tests, photointerpretation, etc) and innovative techniques (such as GPS monitoring, satellite remote sensing, GIS and relational databases implementation).

The research in progress concerns:

  • Dynamics of hydrological events, river hydraulics, erosion and stability of slopes;
  • Cause-effect relationship between these phenomena and the environment;
  • Forecasting methodologies.

    The research activity is mostly concentrated in southern Italy, and concerns the space-time distribution of the events, in order to assess the hazard that they represent and the vulnerability of territory.

  • Dott. Giovanni Marino SORRISO-VALVO
    +39 0984 - 835-483
    +39 0984 - 835-319