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Satellite Observing Systems
United Kingdom
15 Church Street
Godalming, Surrey
GU7 1EL United Kingdom
Satellite Observing Systems (SOS) offers unrivalled expertise in all aspects of satellite remote sensing of the marine environment. The company serves public and private sector organisations by providing:
  • Consultancy on the applications and exploitation of marine remote sensing (see Projects),
  • High quality marine statistics and climatology (see WAVSAT),
  • Real-time sea-state monitoring from space delivered to ships at sea (see WWWaves), Training programmes world-wide (see Publications).
Some of the problem areas recently tackled by SOS, including ongoing programmes, are:
  • Calibration of radar altimeters on the ERS-1, ERS-2 and ENVISAT satellites,
  • Statistical data on the occurrence of the highest wave at an offshore site or along a shipping route anywhere in the world,
  • The prevalence of oil slicks in summer off a tourist beach in the mediterranean,
  • Seasonal cycles in the vertical migration of nutrients along a coastline, and their dependence on marine weather patterns,
  • A model of sea level changes around Britain's coastline over the last decade,
  • The design of an easy-access coastal information system containing data derived from the satellite record,
  • Accessibility of environmental information of coastal zones by NATO navies,
  • Trends in global climate change revealed in the middle of the Atlantic by satellite observations repeated over a decade.
Dr Ellis Ash
+44 1483 421213
+44 1483 428691
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