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University College London, Mullard Space Science Laboratory
United Kingdom
University College London
Department of Space & Climate Physics
Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Holmbury St. Mary
Surrey RH5 6NT United Kingdom
Research Organisation
The Mullard Space Science Laboratory is the UK's largest university space research group. They aim to unravel the mysteries of space through research in fields ranging from the Earth's climate to a study of explosive events that occurred at the very limits of the known Universe. Space science is a discipline that demands highly innovative technologies and MSSL has an international reputation for excellence in this area.

MSSL is UCL's Department of Space and Climate Physics. UCL was one of the first universities in the world to become involved in making scientific observations in space. Since MSSL was established in 1966, they have participated in over 35 satellite missions and over 200 rocket experiments. They have the unique capability of designing, building and testing instruments and other spacecraft systems on site. The research scientists and development engineers work together to ensure that the instruments produced are as relevant as possible and that the subsequent data analysis benefits from a fundamental understanding of the instruments’ individual responses.

Science activities are not restricted to the instruments produced. Their scientists regularly use other facilities both space-borne and ground-based in order to address the science question at hand.

The research groups are supported by specialist engineers and a broad technology base. Courses are provided on space-science related topics, systems engineering, technology management and project management.

For GlobIce Steve Baker
For GlobAlbedo Jan-Peter Muller
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