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National Research Council (CSIC) - Arid Zones Research Station (EEZA)
Estación Experimental de Zonas Aridas (EEZA)
General Segura 1
Research Organisation
CSIC is the largest public research organization in Spain, with 8142 employees, 2144 scientific staff and 122 Research Institutes in a wide range of research areas.
EEZA is one of these Institutes in the Natural Resources area. EEZA includes a staff of 58 RTD employees and two Departments: Geo-Ecology and Desertification, and Functional and Evolutionary Ecology.

At present EEZA-CSIC activities are concerned with the study of landscapes, ecosystems and plant and animal communities of arid and semiarid zones, and with the recovery of North African species of ungulates in danger of extinction. Research lines carried out include desertification, formation and evolution of soils, functioning of erosion-sedimentation systems, water balance, biodiversity conservation, plant physiology, interaction between organisms and the environment. All of them are aimed to help conservation of natural resources and sustainable development.

Juan Puigdefabregas c/o CSIC-EEZA

+34 950 281045
+34 950 277100
DesertWatch Extension