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Public Research Institute for New Technologies, Energy and Environment
ENEA CR Casaccia
Via Anguillarese 301
00060 Sta Maria di Galeria RM
Research Organisation
ENEA is a Research Public Organism that works in the field of New Technologies, Energy and Environment, in order to promote not only development, but also competitiveness, occupation and environmental safeguard objectives.
It is also operating as an agency for the public central and local administrations, offering advanced services in a lot of fields. ENEA has roughly 3500 personnel units, almost half of them being graduated researchers and technologists, who work in ten Research Centres spread in all the Country.

In the ENEA BIOTEC workgroup "Combating Desertification" the knowledge and expertise of agronomists, biologists and environmental engineers are combined in order to tackle the complex problems related to desertification.The main focus is on the impact that human productive activities have on the ecosystem, as these represent, together with climate change, a critical factor in the triggering of desertification processes in the Mediterranean basin.

Massimo Iannetta